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The Perfect Twilight Wedding

The Perfect Twilight Wedding

1 March 2024

Twilight Wedding ceremony decor

Twilight Weddings: Creating the Perfect Twilight Themed Wedding 

Twilight Weddings are fast becoming the top choice for couples.  

Starting later in the day with all your guests there throughout means that everyone can be in on the fun and the best thing is that you can save money whilst still having a memorable day! 

A twilight wedding can be created in so many ways in terms of the décor. You can opt for your traditional classic, timeless look. Or maybe you prefer a rustic country feel. You can even go for a festival vibe and use hay bales, bright colours & bunting. 

For me, I absolutely love the woodland feel for Twilight weddings. It gives outdoorsy and natural whilst still being romantic and enchanting at the same time and it’s definitely a look that will be remembered by anyone who gets to experience it! The idea of doing something indoors that gives you a feeling of being outdoors is magical and I’m going to tell you exactly how you can achieve this!  Here are my top tips for creating your perfect Twilight wedding… 


Lighting: The key to transforming your space 

I cannot say it enough, lighting is HUGE! The right colours placed in the right position will transform any space. You will literally go from a blank canvas to something spectacular and totally set the scene. If you’re going for that alluring woodland vibe you will most definitely need the help of clever, colourful lighting.  

The colours that work best for this are green, blue, and even some purple. I know that this sounds like it could be a total mash up of colours but having a blend of colours in the right position really helps to set the scene.  

Typically, a Twilight Weddingwould have 50 – 80 guests and with clever lighting, it wouldn’t matter if you were in a room that accommodates up to 160 people, you can close it in and still give the space that intimate feeling just from where you place your lights and what colours you use. 

Décor: Bring the theme to life 

The décor is a major factor in achieving this look! Think foliage, wood, pampas grass, flowers & candles. This is all necessary if you want your guests to feel as though they have been transported into a woodland.  

The foliage helps to fill the space so even if you have just 50 guests attending your wedding, by filling the room with artificial trees you are instantly making the room feel smaller and creating that intimate feeling that you are looking for.  

For your ceremony have a statement piece such as a foliage hoop with some flowers or pampas grass added to it. It will be the focal point of the room and can be used later in the day to go behind your top table or be used as a backdrop for those Insta worthy pictures that your guests are going to want to capture!  

Pampas grass will offer a different texture to what you already have and it’s also great way to break up the foliage that you’re using. It’s very on trend and shows no signs of slowing down either!  

It can be used in your centrepieces, backdrops, top table décor, hanging down like clouds from the ceiling and even your bouquet, there’s so many ways that you can use it in this theme.  

Floral centrepieces will add the glamour to your wedding. After all it is a special occasion and whilst we want a woodland feel, we still want it to feel like a wedding. By using soft nude-coloured flowers and mixing with foliage, logs, twigs or moss we are staying on trend but creating a glamourous setting.  

For that extra ‘Wow’ factor you can use a light haze to bounce off your lights and create that misty atmosphere along with a low-lying fog for your ceremony and first dance. 

Food: Where you can save £££’s  

So far this all sounds great right? But how can we save money I hear you say?  

Well, by having your wedding later in the day, you can get away with having just the one serving of food. After all, all your guests are there from start to finish so you have no need to provide extra food for additional evening guests.  

A lot of couples are now moving away from the formal sit-down dinner and if you are one of those couples, don’t worry. We can offer you tasty alternatives that can trim down your costs without sacrificing quality ingredients and taste. 

There are so many different options that you can have, from carvery-style buffets, sharing platters, one pot meals, street food or even an afternoon tea with a twist. As long as your guests have a hearty meal that sees them through the night, you will not need to add a second serving of food.  

If you would prefer to add additional food later in the evening then consider offering a midnight snack such as pizza, sliders, tacos, a grazing table or sweet treats. 

You can make your wedding a truly magical experience. The enchanting atmosphere will create memories that will last a lifetime! Embrace the romance and the elegance and may your twilight wedding be the start of your happily ever after. 


Interested in a Twilight Wedding?  

If a Twilight wedding sounds like what you envision for your special day, then contact our Wedding & Events team at Mercure Bolton by emailing or calling 01942 850914.  

We’ll create a bespoke package just for you. We understand that when it comes to weddings a ‘one size fits all’ package isn’t the way forward and we guarantee to bring your fairytale dreams to life.  

Still not sure if this theme ticks all your boxes? Find out more about our Twilight Wedding and let’s see how we can turn it to your dream day. 

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