New Year’s Eve Family Menu

Celebrate Christmas At Mercure Bolton

New Year’s Eve Family Buffet 

Beef, ale & mushroom short crust pie 

Carrot, orange and ginger spiced wellington, Vegan mushroom gravy (VG) 

Roquette, Pesto, Chicken Pasta, Garlic Bread 

Rosemary & Sea Salt Potato Wedges (v) (V) (GF) 

Stone Baked Pizza Slices 

Curried sweet potato, chickpea & spinach curry, rice (Ve)(GF) 

Chocolate & Raspberry Tart (Ve) (GF) 

Passion Fruit cheesecake 

Mini cake selection 


FOOD ALLERGIES & INTOLERANCES: Before you order your food and drinks, please speak to our staff if you would like to know about our ingredients; we cannot guarantee that any food or beverage item sold is free from traces of allergens. Menu descriptions may not include all ingredients and alcohol may be present in some dishes. (V) Vegetarian (Ve) Vegan (GF) Gluten-free.